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Sex at work, in which profession does this happen most?

That a prostitute is most likely to have sex on the job we all understand, but which non sex-related occupations are most likely to have sex? Is it really the plumber under the sink? Or there other jobs where sex is more likely?

And is it only men who have sex during work? Is it only bachelors or people in a relationship who cheat at work? So plenty of questions about sex at work.

What we know;

-That 65% of women who cheated during their relationship did so at work.

-That 70% of people who have sex at work would no longer do it because when it ends badly there is still work to be done together.

-That only 10% of people say not starting an affair on the job because it could hurt their career

-That 79% are not afraid their partner will find out they are cheating at work

-That men who are not breadwinners in a relationship are much more likely to cheat

-That men who contribute more than 70% of joint income within a relationship are more likely to cheat

What we also know is that the list of jobs of women who have sex at work is different from the list of jobs of men.

Are the professions played in porn movies a cliche or based on truth, we read below

Read the list of professions with who have the most sex at work below the photo

The list of occupations where women most often slip up

#1 medical professions

Doctor plays, sexy nursing uniforms and even doctor attributes can be found in the bedroom for exciting and kinky role-playing. But apparently also in reality things are going hot and it does not stop at bedroom role play. 23% of women who have sex at work have a medical profession.

#2 Education

Apparently not so boring those parent conversations after all. Maybe now you understand why daddy likes to pick up the kids from school. 12% who has had sex at there job, works in Education.

#3 Business women

getting a business deal done apparently happens more often literally on the desk anyway. 11% that having sex at work, is working as a business women . In addition, 70% of business women say they dress sexier to close business deals. So that short skirt or deep cleavage is not special for you, unfortunately.

#4 Finance

If you think your wife only has a boring stuffy job know that 9% of women who have sex at work are in finance. So not only figures in this industry what makes the ladies' work interesting.

#5 Social workers

When you enlist the help of a social worker, she might also help you with other things than what she was actually hired for. Like the women in finance, 9% of women that have sex at work is a social worker.

#6 Hospitality

Professions that fall into this category we had actually expected much higher in the list. But the ladies in this business are not at all those easy ladies what many men think anyway. So should the room service knock on your hotel room door assume they are really coming for room service. About 8% of women who said they have sex at the job are employed in the hospitality industry.

#7 IT

8% of women in this industry trade ones and zeros for something else. Note it is about 8% of women who do have sex at work before you start looking over your laptop shyly at your female colleague. A little arithmetic tells us that this is 0.4 women for every 100 colleagues (in Europe)

#8 Marketing and communication

Selling by talking, apparently women also know how to sell themselves, giving 4% of women who have ever had sex at work are employed in this industry.

#9 Professional Women

More and more women are working in construction, as plumbers or some other profession where they need their hands. 4% of women who have sex at work are working in this industry. So the chances of ending up in your bed as the female electrician or plumber are slim.

#10 Legal professions

Not all the rules these women choke on follow. 4% of women who say they have had sex at work have a legal profession. So the chances of tempting the judge to come to a better verdict. Forget it. The numbers show mostly that these women are doing it with co-workers.

The 8% of women who have sex at work are not included in these occupational groups. Although lists can vary considerably from one survey to another, this list is missing aviation. Stewardesses dressed in short skirts, stockings and a perfect figure might just be a fantasy of many men.

Below the photo we continue with men and sex at work

Male and sex at work

The list of occupations where men most often get laid

#1 Professional men

Apparently, storylines about plumbers in porn movies are not wrong after all. Number one in this list is definitely men with professional occupations. 29% of men who ever have sex at work are employed as professionals

#2 IT

The image of men in IT, nerds with totally wrong clothing choices? these are now fast guys in expensive suits and even more expensive cars.

IT guys aren't left behind in terms of sex at work either. If your colleague hasn't been at his place for a while, there's a chance he'll insert his own USB stick somewhere.

12% of men who have sex during working hours work in IT

#3 Business men

As with women, self-employed men find themselves at No. 3 on the list. Apparently, a lot of deals are made between the sheets.

10% of men who have sex during a working day are entrepreneurs.

#4 Hospitality

Both men and women having sex during their working hours is at 8% in this sector. However among women, there are other occupational groups that score higher in the list.

#5 Finance

Not men but women are the ones who have more sex at work at least if they work in the finacial sector. 7% of men who have sex at work are active in finance. Surely sex makes one happier than money

#6 Marketing and communication

6% of men who do have sex at work not only like to talk to their clients and colleagues but also like use there mouth in other ways.

#7 Medical professions

They don't just medicate their patients, as 5% of men who have sex while working in the medical field say they sometimes use sex as medicine. What is striking is the differences between men and women in this industry. Apparently, it is the women in this profession who are much more likely to have sex with patient or colleague.

#8 Legal professions

4% of the men who say they have or have had sex at work are active in the legal sector. It's convenient because you can arrange your own divorce papers should your wife find out.

#9 Education

Another big difference in terms of sex at work between men and women in this list. Perhaps logical since statistically many more women work in education. Yet 4% of men who have had sex at work report working in education

#10 Arts and entertainment

Apparently, the perception that every actor can't keep his dick in his pants is not quite accurate. Only 4% of men who have sex at work are active artists or work in the entertainment business

In which workplace most men or women ever have sex varies greatly. So would the script of porn movies often be written by men? We would think so, given the sex at work figures. Therefore, the image of the plumber being seduced by the lady of the house will not change.

In addition, we also miss jobs / groups in the list among men. Think of the cab driver who his customer paid in sex or the pizza delivery man who has a pleasant surprise waiting for him at his delivery. Perhaps these occupations fall under hospitality and self-employment. Most surveys don't go that far.

Fun fact is that in the month of September the most sex takes place at work So is your husband or wife working in the above occupational group? It's still September. So you have been warned.

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