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Online Sex?, 4 different ways to show your self online but must pay attention to!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Over the last 15 years, the world has changed quite a bit thanks to the internet. Online dating apps like Tinder, kinky online communities like Fetlife, and social media platforms like Mewe where people share their erotic photos to hardcore porn photos have become indispensable and count millions of members worldwide.

Unfortunately, the world of online sex also has its dark sides. Rape, murder and blackmail are the downside of this online world. A good example are the world famous stars where spicy pictures to hardcore movies appear on the Internet. Think for example of the porno movie of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

It is often young people and homosexuals who become victims of online blackmail after they have shown themselves. The blackmail often manifests itself in victims having to show more and more of themselves than they actually want or money is demanded.

Several suicide attempts have become worldwide news because the blackmail and harassment as a result were no longer bearable for the person.

Does this mean you can never show anything of yourself? Of course it does but keep the following list in mind and you can surely enjoy online sex

Online sex, exciting or too dangerous

#1 Online dating

Should you occasionally have a spontaneous (sex) date with someone you met online? What information do you share or do not share.

Be careful about sharing a lot of information about yourself. Especially when it comes to information like your address or information about your work, school, etc. This is really none of your blind date's business for now. It is also best not to share information like your last name to prevent your date from Googling and finding out more information.

Especially when it comes to one night stands, try to share as much information as possible with someone you can confide in. For example, a close friend you can trust and knows you are dating. Share with this person who you are dating and especially where you are dating.

#2 Sexchat with a webcam, how to do it!

When you have an exciting chat which turns on the cam keep these rules in mind.

Never share information such as work, school, address, last names etc with strangers during the chat. Completely safe is to chat sex under another name.

And if the cam is on be aware of the following:

  • be aware that cam images can be filmed, pictures taken or recorded.

  • Never show your face when you are naked in the picture.

  • Require the other person to turn on their cam as well

  • Be aware of your background. Small details such as photos in the background can reveal who you are.

#3 Social media, Sharing your sexy posts.

For some an absolute no go to give your self blood on social media for others a thrill to show themselves. The platform that is even said to bring down Facebook is MEWE. Millions of users share their daily posts here. Unlike Facebook, MEWE does allow nudity and many people are taking advantage of that.

Before you decide to post all your nude photos on social media keep the following in mind:

  • Keep in mind that photos/movies can be shared by others.

  • Keep in mind that photos/movies can be downloaded. MeWe offers the option that this is not possible but a screenshot is easily made.

  • Don't show your face or make sure you are not recognizable. A mask works wonders. Avoid leaving identifiable features such as tatoos and birthmarks out of the picture. Among the millions of users there will be colleagues, friends and others that knows you.

  • Keep your background in mind. Think of photos or other features in your home that can be traced back to you. If you work outside with photos, keep in mind for example license plates on cars.

  • Again, never share personal information such as work, school, address, etc.

sexting, tips to do it safe on MEWE

#4 not meant to be naked online

Suddenly you get to see that one conscious nude photo or video that should never have made it onto the Internet. There are many examples of famous people where suddenly that nude photo can be found on the worldwide web.

Hackers or an angry ex lover are often the cause of photos or videos being shared without your permission.

To prevent this the following:

  • Never let your sex partner take photos or videos of you without permission. If you do, have him or her delete them or review the photos together afterwards to see if you are recognizable.

  • Important is how you store your photos and videos should you take them without the intention of sharing them with others. Most secure is a hard drive that is not connected to the Internet.

  • Keep in mind that when the hard drive is connected to your PC, make sure your PC is not connected to the Internet.

  • Should you take photos with a mobile phone be aware that there is an internet connection.

  • Even though it is not your intention that the photos or videos come online, make sure that you are not recognizable in the picture and that backgrounds do not unconsciously tell more about you than you would like.

Also read the 5 tips about safe online sex

When you do get recognized with sexting.

  • Don't be ashamed, millions of people post erotic content online.

  • Do not allow yourself to be blackmailed in any form; if blackmailed, always report it to the police.

  • Talk about it with someone you can trust

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