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Not 1 but 11 different orgasms which a woman can experience

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

A woman's orgasm, a much described topic and perhaps the most researched by scientists. What we know is that a woman can come in many different ways. In this article we will look at 11 body areas that can be stimulated to orgasm.

#1 Stimulation of the Clitoris.

The clitoris, the little bud at the top where the labia minora come together. Like the penis, the clitoris becomes stiff when aroused and is exposed as a result. The clitoris is about 10 cm in size and is more than 80% inside the body and therefore not visible. Stimulation of the clitoris, by hand, mouth, friction, vibration or any other form of stimulation can cause the woman to orgasm.

Did you know that about 67% of women cum when stimulating the clitoris.

#2 Ejaculation by penetration

The vaginal orgasm is caused by penetration. Simply put during fucking.

Contrary to what many men think is that this makes it fairly easy for the woman to cum, this is not the case. only 1 in 3 women can cum through penetration without stimulation of the clitoris during the act.

Did you know that a woman can ejaculate faster when she is more moist? Penetration with some extra lubricant thus increases the chances of vaginal ejaculation.

#3 G-Spot Orgasm

The G spot, The piece of spongy area in the vagina about 2 cm inside the vagina.

Stimulation of the G spot can make a woman feel like she has to urinate. A g spot orgasm releases more fluid than other orgasms. This varies from woman to woman but women can even squirt large fluids with proper stimulation of the G-Spot. A G-spot orgasm is perceived as quite intense

Did you know that squirting occurs just before the act actual g-spot orgasm ?

#4 Cervix Orgasm

The high point among different orgasms is the cervix orgasm. When you manage to stimulate the cervix in your proper way, the woman gets the holy grail among orgasms, according to experts. The trick is to penetrate as deeply as possible without stimulating the vaginal wall. Doggy style would be the ideal position for this.

cervical orgasms are described as intense and full-body.

#5 The Nipple Orgasm

About 30% of women can experience orgasm through stimulation of the nipples. This can be done through stimulation of the breasts and, of course, the nipples. By massaging, stroking, pinching and pushing with regularity, you can discover which stimulation suits you. The use of nipple clamps can help here because the nerves in the nipples are extra stimulated. Special vacuum pumps for the nipples can also extra stimulate the nerves making the nipples much more sensitive after removal.

#6 U Spot orgasm,

the u spot orgasm, yes you read it right. Perhaps never heard of it before and then you are not the only one. When a circular movement around the urethra is made with light pressure, it can produce the so-called U spot orgasm. So it is not the urethra itself but the soft tissue around it that needs to be stimulated. With stimulation this swells slightly and with the right pressure and friction this leads to orgasm.

The orgasm itself is described as a wave of energy which travels through the entire body.

#7 Anaal Orgasme

Women can experience orgasm through anal sex. Experts do not entirely agree on what causes orgasm? Is it the stimulation to the many nerves in the anus or the stimulation of the clitores, and then the part on the inside of the body.

Use plenty of lubricant when you get started with anal sex. This increases the chances of having an anal orgasm. An Anal Orgasm is described as a violent but pleasurable orgasm.

#8 Deep Throat orgasme

We zien menig wenk brouw al fronsen maar Echt!! het bestaat. Een orgasme tijdens deep Throating. This spot lights deep in the back of the throat beyond the point that causes a vomiting reflex. Touching this spot can cause orgasm.

#9 Multiple orgasm

The name of this orgasm says it all. It's not about cumming multiple times during a lovemaking session but about cumming sequentially. You can achieve this multiple orgasm by continuing to stimulate after you have had an orgasm. The body constantly enters a new phase of arousal until you have experienced a new high point.

Only 10% of women report experiencing this type of orgasm in extensive studies.

#10 A spot orgasm

Another orgasm you probably haven't heard of. The A spot orgasm. Officially called the AFE zone. This spot is deeper in the vagina than the G spot. about a middle finger deep and is very smooth to the touch. Stimulation of this spot causes rapid arousal. In other words, the woman is quickly wet in the vagina with proper stimulation.

Some researchers believe that not the G spot but the A spot causes a squirting orgasm.

Women who suffer from vaginal dryness may even benefit greatly from finding the A spot.

#11 Mental orgasm

Mental Orgasm also called Mindgasm is an orgasm purely from mental focus on pleasure. In other words getting an orgasm through thoughts. The symptoms are similar to a physical orgasm with the major difference being that there is no touching.

To experience a Mindgasm you need a strong mental focus. Meditation in which you experiment with thoughts, imagination of touch and breathing are some tips described to experience this orgasm.

Have you experienced Mindgasm before?


  • No, but it seems wonderful to be able to do this!

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