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Foodgasm, Facts and myths about "sex food"

Love goes through a man's stomach is an old Dutch saying which means that if the woman is good in the kitchen the man gives more love. For centuries people have been researching the effects of food in relation to sex. Is it really true that oysters are aphrodisiacs and does fruit really exist that promotes a man's erection?.

The fact that we sometimes seem to get aroused by food has mainly to do with the similar characteristics between food and sex. Because just like sex, while eating you also use all your senses that make us enjoy food so much and that make things exciting in bed.

There is no official claim that a products like Oysters, champagne or eggs would be lust inducing. All fables, then? You can read it in the list below.

Foodgasm, what can food do with your sex life

#1 Chocolate

Chocolate contains the chemical component PEA, which causes the release of various emotions and feelings. And it also releases dopamine, which is the same chemical component released during orgasm. So yes chocolate can be lust-inducing for women. A bowl of chocolate next to coffee or tea on the couch at night can work wonders. For the ultimate experience choose dark chocolate.

#2 Gember

Anything that is good for circulation seems to have a positive effect on sex. Spice like ginger has a positive effect on circulation and this in turn has a positive effect on the central nervous system. So ginger in the kitchen is a must have if you want to spice up your sex life.

#3 Oysters

This has been labeled as aphrodisiac for centuries but there is no indication that substances in oysters actually guarantee an exciting evening. Probably it is more the eating of oysters together while romantically looking into each other's eyes than the oyster itself. An absolute fable, then, that oysters are lust-inducing.

#4 Asperges

Asparagus is high in calcium, phosphorus and potassium, and these are precisely nutrients that your sexual energy levels can benefit from. In addition to these minerals, of course, the shape of asparagus can also stimulate the senses.

#5 Honey

Honey has a strong eroticizing effect. In addition, it contains lots of minerals, enzymes, B vitamins and amino acids that your body needs for sex. Tip from our side smear some honey on your partner's erotic parts and let your tongue do the work. Sticky but success guaranteed

#6 Kaviaar

Like Oysters, caviar does nothing to your lust. Caviar are fish eggs and this can be associated with fertility. Should you be served caviar at an expensive business dinner, it will have no effect on your underpants.

#7 Garlic

This may not be a product you immediately think of as lust enhancing. Certainly not if only your partner has eaten garlic chances are you will turn your back in bed.

However, garlic, like ginger, has a positive effect on blood circulation which improves sex drive.

#8 Lobster

Some say that lobster contains substances that can stimulate lust. As with oysters, there is no evidence that this is true. Again, it is probably the senses that are stimulated that make the evening more exciting.

#9 Peaches & apricots

These fruits are always used as emoji as symbols for the vagina. So it has more of an aphrodisiac association than the fruits themselves do.

#10 Truffles

These underground fungi contain a lot of protein, which you definitely need during sex.

Disadvantage of truffles that they are very expensive and because of this only small amounts are used in products or only truffle aroma.

#11 Pistachios

Much can be attributed to this nut. It is good for your blood pressure and circulation. In addition, this nut is considered lust-inducing for women and erection enhancing for men. Movie night? a bowl of these nuts would work wonders.

As mentioned in the introduction, there is no official claim on food what that these are really horny. Make it a nice culinary evening and should it or should it not affect what happens after the meal then at least it was well eaten.

The tips below with food and drink are 100% sure to create excitement.

#1 Sushi

Have your partner lie naked on the table and decorate the body with sushi. The navel can serve as a bowl for the soy sauce. If you don't like Sushi other foods are of course also possible.

Bon appetit.

#2 Fruit toys

the fruit bowl can serve perfectly for toys. Do use a condom around the fruit when you want to insert it for safety reasons. Eating a banana which is between a woman's lips is sure to guarantee an orgasm........ or 2

#3 Whipped Cream

Smearing whipped cream or other products such as chocolate sauce, honey or jam on certain parts of the body to be licked off by your partner....... need we explain more?

#4 Champagne 18+

This tip may be to get red from but definitely worth a try. Drink champagne from the woman's vagina. Insert some champagne into the vagina and the bubbles create a bubbly experience. Put your mouth against her lips and drink away. Cheers

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