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9 sex world records you've never heard of

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Records, something people in this world love. From climbing the highest mountain as fast as possible to who can eat the most hotdogs in one minute. You name it, there is a world record. All records are kept in the Guinness Book of Records. Also in the field of sex records are set and broken. In this article an exciting list of records

9 Sex world records

#1 World Record; The largest penis in the world ever measured

The largest penis ever measured is in the name of Jonah Falcon. His penis when flaccid is 24 cm and when excited is a whopping 34 cm with a girth of 20 cm. The average penis length in men is 13.1 cm when aroused.

#2 World Record; The world's smallest penis ever measured

From the largest penis in the world, we go straight to the smallest penis in the world. This one counts 1.5 inches when erect. By the way, the owner of this penis says he has a very happy sex life.

#3 World Record; The biggest orgy ever

The biggest orgy ever took place in Japan. 250 men and 250 women participated in this orgy. Otherwise these were all couples and did not have to have sex with strangers.

#4 World Record; The biggest gang bang

The biggest gang bang in the world is held by Lisa Sparxxx. This porn actress broke the old record from 2004 which stood at 719 men. If you want to break the record of Lisa Sparxxx you would have to have sex with more than 919 men on 1 day.

#5 World Record; The largest natural breasts

The largest breasts in the world that did not require surgery are in the name of Norma Stitz. This former fetish model's breasts are size 102ZZZ.

#6 World Record; The oldest prostitute

Sheila Vogel-Coup may be the oldest prostitute in the world. The woman working in england was still receiving clients at 85 and charging $250 an hour for doing so. Special detail is that she started the profession of prostitution only at 81 after her 2nd husband died.

Oldest prostitute in the world

#7 World Record; The most expensive porn movie ever

The average budget for a porn movie is not that high. This depends a bit on which actresses are in the movie. However after the success of Pirates, the Pirates II came out. The porn version of Pirates of the Caribbean. This production cost 8 million dollars. A pittance compared to what the average Hollywood production costs.

#8 World Record; The most expensive sextoy

Should you have any money left under your mattress this might be a nice gift for your wife. This vibrator is not just a vibrator and is specially designed to be one with the female body. made of 18-carat solid gold and weighing 5 grams, this vibrator is estimated to be worth 15 million euros. This luxury sex toy is a product of the Swedish company Lelo Company and is delivered in a specially customized wooden box.

#9 World Record; Sperm swallowing

Maybe this one fits better in the article about things left in the body after sex? But Michelle M. had to be hospitalized in Los Angeles after participating in a gang bang where she pumped out 1.7 liters of semen from her stomach. Incidentally, it is not known if this is the official world record

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