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7 world cities with a red-light district

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Where one country takes a hard line on prostitution, in another it is something that belongs on the city policy. Red-light districts, where ladies offer their services in exchange for money. These prostitutes stand behind the window, often in lingerie, to lure their customers. In these streets you will also find more often sex shops, theaters with shows for adults and strip clubs. In the Netherlands you can also find "coffee shops" where marijuana and hashish are traded "legally".

Red light district amsterdam

#1 Sonagachi, Kolkata, India.

This place is known as the largest red-light district in Asia. Here about 11000 women work as prostitutes. This area alone can be called a city. An absolute minus is the number of children who work here as prostitutes. The Oscar-winning documentary "born in the brothels" gives a confrontational picture of these children.

Price 5 USD for 15 minutes.

#2 Bangkok Thailand

And then specifically Patong Market. What stands out is the dazzling Neon advertising in this area where everything can be found. From life sex to ping pong ball shows and everything in between. Special fact is that prostitution is prohibited in Thailand.

Child prostitution is also, unfortunately, not uncommon in Thailand. In addition, HIV among prostitutes is a problem. In the 1990s there was a major campaign against HIV which was an absolute success and Thailand was also regularly praised for its approach. Unfortunately, since the 2010s, figures on the virus are rising again.

#3 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Booze, drugs, shows and window prostitution are the hallmark of the Amsterdam Red Light District as this red light zone is called.

About 1100 ladies offer their services behind the window. These are small rooms containing a bed and washing facilities. When there are customers, the curtain is closed. Most sex workers are not Dutch but come from the east of Europe.

The policy of Amsterdam is to shrink the Red Light District and eventually close it completely and move it to a new red light district from 2030 onwards.

Perhaps a bit of the charm of the old inner city will be lost as a result.

#4 Kamathipura, Mumbai, India

The second largest red light zone of India. Most Prostitutes here live in squalid conditions and in the 90's there were even 45000 prostitutes active here. This has been reduced to a few thousand women, men and unfortunately here again children.

Especially among men HIV is a big problem in this red light district. The latest figures show that more than 1 in 4 men here are infected with the virus.

Unlike other red light districts in India, this neighborhood is known for its sex tourism from all over the world.

#5 Paris, France

The Pigalle district, known for perhaps the most famous club in the world. The Moulin Rouge. In this club, it used to be extra vagant shows. Nowadays, the cancan shows attract tourists from all over the world. Furthermore, in this red light district you can find clubs, sex shops and brothels.

Red light district paris

#6 Singapore

Despite the strict laws, singapore has a "tolerated" prostitution zone. Geylang and Ochard towers are "red light districts" in singapore where one can find mainly beauty parlors where more happens than a back massage.

#7 Tokyo, Japan

The red light district of Tokyo is located in Kabokicho. This neighborhood has especially many clubs from which you can take the lady of your choice to a Love hotel. Besides the many clubs also soap massage parlors. During this massage the lady in question does not use her hands but her naked body to massage. Often a happy ending included

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