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Why Buzz Lightyear ended up in the ER? along with 6 other items.

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Everyone may have the urge to be penetrated at times but there is no sex toy within reach. Fortunately, we as humans are creative when it comes to sex and there is always something within reach that can serve as a sex toy. The dominant one who grabs the wooden spoon from the kitchen or gets to work with clothespins. And so we can make a list of household items which are used as sex toys.

It goes wrong more often than you think with "sex toys"

it goes wrong much more often than people think. Not only objects that remain in the body but also people with lasting erections, unstoppable orgasms, fractures or the fire department that has to come by to cut the handcuffs because the keys have been lost.

Perhaps each person knows a story from hearsay, seen on TV or perhaps experienced it themselves.

The program "Sex Sent Me to the ER" on Discovery Health features bizarre accidents. In many cases people have first tried to solve it themselves. Which often actually makes things much worse.

In this top 7 the most bizarre objects which remained in the body and had to be removed in the emergency room.

Buzz left behind a in a very dark place

#1 Toy car.

If you suddenly feel the need for sex while cleaning up, think carefully about the toys you use. A woman came to the emergency room because her son's toy car was stuck in her vagina. The woman explained in the hospital that she had fallen while cleaning and that the toy car had become stuck in her vagina.

#2 Baguette

Objects not intended for anal sex are no stranger to surgeons. Objects like bottles, cans, and screwdrivers regularly come by the emergency room. But when doctors had to remove a baguette from a man's anus, they were surprised. Maybe next time put a condom over it?

#3 Buzz Lightyear.

What is it about children's toys and sex? One of the most famous x-ray photos to be found on the internet of Buzz Lightyear stuck in a person's anus. We're curious what you think of now when you look at toy story?.

#4 Christmas Decorations

Apparently, the month of December evokes more than just coziness, elaborate dinners and family visits.

Every year we see people in the emergency room who have not hung Christmas decorations in the Christmas tree. Christmas lights in the penis, nativity scenes in the anus and vagina and we wondered if the candy cane was hung back in the tree after the surgeons removed it.

X-ray photos of the stuck Christmas decorations can also be found on the Internet.

Christmas candy as a sextoy?

#5 Shining a light where it is always dark

That things can go badly wrong is shown when a man decided to put a light bulb in his Anus. Maybe not the strangest object but it made it more bizarre when the light bulb broke in his ass and perforated the intestines. After hours of surgery, the man finally woke up with a stoma. Incidentally, this man is not the only one to end up in the emergency room by shining the light in this dark place. Apparently it happens regularly that emergency rooms have to remove a flashlight from body cavities.

#6 Explosives

In Australia, a man apparently had no other option but to use ammunition when he was excited. It turned out to be loaded anti aircraft ammunition with which you can shoot down an aircraft. When the doctor asked if the ammunition was loaded, and received a confirmation, the doctor had no choice but to call the bomb squad. The bomb squad made a lead box around the man's butt and defused the shell before the doctor removed it.

#7 Gun

Another dangerous choice during sex. This man decided to stick a revolver in his anus. So who knows, not the smartest choice because what if you accidentally pull the trigger? However, this man was unlucky that the gun got stuck in his rectum. With extra caution surgeons had to remove the gun from his ass.

Want to see this bad choice of sextoys? On google you can find the x-ray pictures of these wrongly chosen sextoys.

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