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7 sex toys you can control with your phone. The best app controlled sex toys

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Technology is developing fast and this has not escaped manufacturers of sex toys.

A long distance relation, an exciting location or perhaps giving your dominant 24/7 control over your orgasm? this technology has greatly expanded the possibilities to make fantasies come true.

Sex toys which you can control with an app are hot and are offered everywhere in sex shops and online. By now there are hundreds of such toys on the market for men and women. From vibrators to cock rings and from anal plugs to clit suckers, for desire or fantasy there are sex toys that can be remotely controlled with an app.

Our top 7 app controlled sex toys

#1 We-Vibe melt

We-Vibe was the first brand with app controllable sex toys. With the simple and clear app, this sex toy is easy to control. This super clit sucking vibrator may look simple but don't let this fool you. In fact, it may be the best clit sucker currently being sold. With the we-vibe app easy to control so let your partner pamper you remotely. He or she can choose from 12 different modes that are sure to bring you to orgasm

we vibe melt, one of the best app controlled sex toy


#2 Svakom Ella Neo

This vibrating love egg offers many possibilities and is suitable for both vaginal and anal use. Controllable through the app as well as on the vibrating egg. This vibrating egg is made of soft silicone and has 11 different modes. The strength of the vibrations are perfect and the app is easy to control.

Let your partner control the egg remotely long distance or even more exciting, while you are shopping together.

Svakom Ella, App controlled sex toy


#3 We-Vibe Moxie

Just like our number 2 in the list, this sex toy is good to use both indoors and outdoors. Through a magnet, this sex toy can be securely attached to briefs which keeps the sex toy very well in place. The We Vibe app is easy to use and control from anywhere in the world. This rechargeable sex toy has 10 different modes and is waterproof.

Nice extra option of this sex toy is that the vibrations can be linked to music. Which song will bring you to orgasm?

We vibe moxie, app controlled sex toy


#4 Satisfyer Double Wand Vibrator

The magic wand vibrator we so wie so recommend to have in your home makes the wall vibrator by Satisfyer totally a must have. This very powerful vibrator comes with a smooth head and a head for massage of your erogenous zones. Enjoy a splashing orgasm? then this vibrator is definitely recommended. The app is a nice touch to this toy. There is also a mini version available of this sex toy.

This toy is also nice in combination with a forced orgasm belt.

Satisfyer magic wand vibrator, app controlled sex toy


129 Euro/USD

#5 Mysteryvibe Crescendo 2

This multiple aword winning vibrator is swerelds most flexible vibrator. The vibrator has 16 modes and the app can be used up to about 9 meters / 30 feet away. The flexibility of this vibrator makes every time you use it different. Personalized settings make this vibrator more than worth having in your home. Also suitable for stimulation of the penis. This makes this toy very suitable for partners.

Minus point is the price but according to several reviews this is worth it.

CRESENDO 2- 229 Euro/USD

#6 Lovense Lush 3

The most powerful Bleutooth controlled sextoy you can have in your home. This sex toy falls under the category of vibration eggs. The handy U shape stimulates the inside of the vagina and clit at the same time so that a so-called multiple orgasm is also achievable for you. The shape also ensures that this vibrating egg stays put.

This sex toy can be used indoors and outdoors.

Lush 3 app controlled sex toy

LOVENSE LUSH 3 -129 Euro/Dollar

#7 Satisfyer Curvy 3+

This clit sucker is comparable to that of We-Vibe all a whole lot cheaper. The stimulation and vibration provide just the right amount of pleasure although perhaps the power of the vibration could have been stronger. This sex toy is very quiet and the two motors in this sex toy provide many possibilities.

Controllable both through the toy and through the Satisfyer app.

Because of the price quality a MUST HAVE sex toy!


*The prices mentioned in this article is the average price of 3 major providers in North America and Europe.

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