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5 tips to do sexting safe

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

hundreds of millions of people do it, SEXTING. Some do it with their partner, others show themselves via cam or post erotic content online.

If you want to do sexting yourself but you don't dare to do this well then maybe these tips can help you.

sexting, how to do it safe

#1 unrecognizable

You want to engage in sexting. Make sure you are not recognizable. You can do this simply by not putting your face in the picture or movie, but you could also wear a mask so that you cannot be recognized.

In addition, keep in mind any tattoos and birthmarks that might give away your Identity.

#2 Background

Keep in mind your background. The photo on the nightstand or other details like art can give a lot of information about you.

The smartest thing to do is blur your background (tatoos etc) before sending a photo or video. There are a lot of apps available with which you can edit your photos and movies

#3 use special apps for sexting

If you want to be sure that your photo will not be saved or screenshot, you can make use of several apps that will ensure that the photo is not saved, will no longer be visible within 24 hours or will be screenshot. 100% safe this is not by the way because creative people know how to circumvent this security.

#4 Check before send part I

If you decide to send a piquant photo or video to someone, check first that you are really sending it to the right person. Of course, you don't want it to end up in your work group app.

#5 Check before send Part II

When you send a "hot" photo of yourself check with your partner to whom you want to send the photo (or video) to make sure it is safe to send. You don't want your photo to appear as a popup during an online meeting of your partner.

With these 5 tips, it's reasonably safe to engage in sexting. Have fun

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