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#5 sex toys which give you chills but sell a lot of them

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

It varies what country you live in but many more people than you think have a sextoy in their home. For example, 95% of adult women in Australia have a sex toy in their home while in some countries having a sex toy is strictly forbidden.

Besides the well-known vibrator or dildo, there are also sex toys you may have never heard of.

#1 Extreme stretching

Perhaps a taboo subject but a commonly sold item are anal plugs. These come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Some people go a step further and use this ring to easily insert large objects or fist.

#2 Medieval torture device as a sextoy

This torture tool from the Middle Ages is used in a modern way as a sextoy. Especially in the BDSM world, this product is well known. This toy is used anally and cannot be removed by the wearer himself. Anal chastity. Asking permission from the one who has the key is the only option.

#3 Horse dildo

Some people have certain fantasies or just want big. Extremely large dildos come in all shapes and sizes but in this list we have chosen the dildo in the shape of a horse penis.

horse dick, big extreme sex toy

#4 Hentai Sex Dolls

Sex dolls, available from cheap to expensive and from ugly to extremely realistic. However, there are those who want something just a little different. At number 4 the Hentai sex doll

#5 Serve as toilet

Also for this toy you have to love it, The Pee Game. Before the chills run down your spine know that this game is very popular in some countries. In Germany it is said that 1 in 3 people have experimented with some form of this game.

This toy goes just a step further and makes sure not a drop is lost.

The pee game, sex toys that give you chills

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