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7 chastity cages for your slave to wear

Control your sub or slave sexually through a cage? Beginner or advanced? for everyone who wants to control their submissive, there is an option for a cage. Do you go for soft silicone or a steel penis cage, and what size do you choose? Plenty of choice in terms of penis cages on the market. in this articles we describe 5 different chastity cages to control your slave's sexual needs.

Did you know that when you include a penis cage in the game after only 3 carries is willing to push boundaries.

Control your partner, 18+ sex facts

#1 Silicone cage

Should you want to start to confine your partner's penis in a cage then a silicone cage is good to start. Silicone cages come in all sorts of sizes and colors and even shapes like dolphins.

Do not confuse silicone cages with cages made of hard plastic. The disadvantage of silicone cages is that there is often the possibility of removing them without a key.

#2 Hard plastic cages

Beginners and experienced wearers experience these cages as pleasant. This cage, unlike the silicone cage, is hard and escape from it is already almost impossible. Disadvantage of these cages is often the quality. Sharp edges can cause damage to the penis.

So if you want to buy a good hard plastic cage pay close attention to the quality.

The advantage of this hard plastic cage is that it is also perfect for long-term use.

#3 Steel cages

From these cages when the right size is purchased it is impossible to escape.

The cage and rings can be ordered in different sizes. Disadvantage, depending on the ring, that a steel cage is sometimes difficult to fit. Open cages, as pictured above, can cause damage to the skin when the cage is worn longer.

Steel penis cages often include the option to also close off the urethra through a catheter.

#4 Steel egg cages

In this cage, not only the penis but also the balls are confined to minimize any pleasure of touch. The erogenous zone is completely in the control of the dominant. Toilet visits are possible only with permission where it is easy for the dominant to make up part of the cage.

#5 Steel cages with anal plug

Controlling the submissive 100% is possible with this cage. The anus is closed with a steel plug which is connected to the cage. Complete submission and surrender is desired with this cage because permission must be asked of the key holder for everything.

There are also special plugs for sale which can only be removed by the one who has the key.

#6 Chastity belt

The difference from the cages discussed above is this is a harness which is worn around the hips. The entire male sex is locked in this. Extended chasity belts can feature a dildo to excite or close off the anus. Or conversely, keep an opening so that the anus is actually available.

The disadvantage is the price. In comparison, these are a lot more expensive compared to cages. The advantage is that these belts can be worn for a long time

Long time chasity, choose the belt

#7 Remote controle cage

Recently on the market is the Cellmate. A penis cage which is controlled by an app. Not only can the cage be opened or closed remotely but also vibrate and electroshock can be administered remotely.

The ideal cage for a remote Dom/sub relationship. Major drawback that not all cages are secure allowing third parties to take over the cage.

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