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4 Hot adult vacation spots and we don't mean a nudism resort

Vacations, something we look forward to every year. Whether it's an all inclusive resort in the Bahamas or camping in France for everyone there's plenty of choice. This vacation season there is also more time for love. Relationships get a positive boost again because there is more time for each other and therefore more time for sex. Singles also have more sex during their vacations. 51% of single women in Europe report having had a one night stand while on vacation.

13% indicated that they have cheated within their relationship on occasion during the vacations. Clearly, then, people have more sex during the vacations than outside the vacations.

But did you know that there are also so called adult only vacations or adults only all inclusive resorts. Here we don't mean resorts that refuse children so adults can quietly enjoy the pool without screaming children. What we mean by adults only vacations are vacations focused on sex, sex and more sex. Both couples and singles interested in an exciting adults only all inclusive vacation should definitely read this article.

#1 Partner swap in Cape D'agde - southern France

Southern France is a the vacation destination for many Europeans. The beautiful weather in the summer months, the wine, the food and places like Monaco and Saint Tropez makes this region one of the most visited vacation destinations in Europe. On the coast of this region lies Cape D'age. known as a vibrant resort area with beautiful sandy beaches. Cape D'agde has many trendy beach clubs and a vibrant nightlife. On the coast above the center of the resort is the naturist beach with associated resorts and campsites.

For couples who like swinging, Cape D'agde is also the place to be. Resorts like Oz' inn where it is all about swinging are located in the so-called naturist village with over 100 naturist accommodations. In this naturist village are also a swingers cafe, swingers club and sex shop. Not everyone who stays in the naturist village comes to swing. The village has access to its own private swinger beach where sex takes place in public by couples.

Beach: the naturist beach is often located a few hundred meters from your stay. On the swingers beach there is plenty of action but there is also plenty to do outside this piece of private beach. Especially in the dunes there is plenty happening.

Oz'inn is a luxury resort with a libertine character located in this naturist village. This means that the lounge chairs along the pool are not only used by couples for sunbathing.

Besides Oz'inn, there are dozens of adult only all inclusive resorts, hotels and campsites that focus on swinging and erotic parties. Especially the erotic foam parties are very crowded during the high season.

As a man or woman alone, can I also book and hotel or resort in the naturist village?

yes also as a man or woman alone you can book. Many accommodations within the naturist village offer this possibility. On and you can book the "swingers" hotels.

18+ adult only cruise vacations

If you like cruises, especially Caribbean cruises, then these all inclusive adults only vacations might be for you. Provided you also like to swing with your partner. These cruises are especially aimed at swinging couples and this happens a lot during these trips.

These cruises are mainly organized in the Caribbean but the number of European participants to these swingers cruises is increasing.

Desire cruises has anticipated on this and now also organizes swinger cruises on the Mediterranean.

Next to Desire cruises is Bliss cruises which offers all inclusive adult only cruises. Bliss cruises offers the possibility to book singles with a friendly couple. However, this is only possible in the larger rooms at the front of the cruise ship. Thus, the number of singles who go along on the cruise is small.

#3 Hedonism Resort - Jamaica

This resort is a household name for Swinger vacations. Since the 70's this resort offers vacations especially aimed at swingers. Do you want to go on swing vacation in the Caribbean then you can definitely expect the most action in this adults only all inclusive resort. This resort has 3 pools and offers many facilities. Including wedding facilities. Hedonism guests have access to both the nude beach and the Textile beach.

Every evening a special theme night is organized for guests.

These include a Fetish night, a pool theme, foam party and schoolgirl themes.

Although mainly couples stay here, the resort can also be booked for singles.

#4 sex vacations for singles

You read it right, swinging for singles. Nothing is more annoying to book a vacation as a single person. Rooms for going solo are often more expensive and with single group travel, it also remains to be seen if the group you travel with suits you.

Besides swinging, many couples do not find an extra man or woman to be annoying. That's why Bliss cruises and Hedonism, among others, offer the option of having singles booked as well. Sometimes with conditions and always limited to prevent that suddenly only singles have booked a vacation.

Other Locations for a nude & sex vacation for couples

Mexico, Desire Resort. This is a swing / aldult only all inclusive resort that also is the place to be for exhibitionists and voyeurs. A lot of sex in public also takes place here. (Not for singles only)

Mexico Desire pearl resort. Not to be confused with the Desire resort. These are 2 different resorts. The Desire pearl resort is the luxury variant to clearly indicate the difference. The age of the guests is slightly higher than at the desire resort and also the action at the pearl resort is a little less but this does not take away from the fact that this is a perfect swingers resort where there is plenty to do.

Fun cloud USA Las Vegas. not a sex vacation but a sex outing during your vacation

Want to join the mile high club? You can charter a Love Cloud jet for 45 minutes, flying over over Las Vegas but we think you won't book this flight for the view. (995 UDS)

The interior is cramped but attention has certainly been paid. Like a double bed with satin sheets.

Gay sex resort.

island house, Key West. For our gay readers this tip. A naturist all inclusive resort where more is happening than just nude. The resort contains a lot of gay art and there is 24-hour access to gay television programming.

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