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25 Things you need to know when you're giving head

Sixty nine, cunnilingus, fellatio, oral-genital stimulation, blow-job, giving head and you guys will probably know more fun and unusual names for oral sex.

But what do we really know about oral sex? Who does it and who doesn't? Is oral sex banned anywhere and when should oral sex not be missed?

A nice list of facts and did you know about oral sex can be read here.

All you need to know about oral sex

#1 Did you know that Oral sex is the general term for stimulation of the genitals with your mouth. Fellatio is the term for taking the penis into the mouth and Cunnilingus is the proper term for licking the vagina

#2 Did you know The word “fellatio” comes from the Latin word for “suck

#3 Did you know that you can also contract venereal disease (STD) through oral sex

#4 Did you know that 30% of adults find oral sex gross

#5 Did you know that biologists believe during evolution Oral sex helped in the right choice of a mate

#6 Did you know the human papillomavirus (HPV) can be transmitted through oral sex which can potentially cause cancer in the back of the throat?

#7 Did you know that women are more likely to give oral sex than receive it?

#8 Did you know that men can influence the taste of their semen by paying attention to what they eat and drink?

#9 Did you know one of the oldest texts on sexual positions, the Indian Kamasutra, gives several examples of fellatio?

#10 Did you know In Medieval Europe, oral sex was banned because it was considered unnatural, since it could not lead to procreation?

#11 Did you know that oral sex may help couples feel more connected?

#12 Did you know that the word blow job, a nickname for oral sex, comes from a popular comic book that depicted sexual acts?

#14 Did you know that 70% of women describe an orgasm through oral sex as very pleasurable

#15 Did you know that a dentist can tell when a woman regularly suck dicks?

#16 Did you know that for swallowing semen there is no evidence that it is going to hurt you? (if free of STD)

#17 Did you know that blowjobs are still banned in 12 states in America ?

#18 Did you know that 80% of men and women report having engaged in oral sex?

Oral sex facts, what you need to know about oral sex

#19 Did you know that the soixante-neuf position is outside the top 3 favorite positions for oral sex?

#20 Did you know that licking your partner's anus also comes under the name oral sex and is called Rimming?

#21 Did you know that men who orally satisfy their partners are healthier?

#22 The older men get, the more likely they are to perform oral sex on their partners?

#23 Did you know that men who show more interest and spend more time on oral sex are more likely to cheat?

#24 Did you know that humans are not the only ones who practice oral sex? Oral sex also occurs in the animal kingdom to satisfy the partner

#25 Did you know that there is a known case of pregnancy after oral sex? The woman was stabbed in her stomach just after swallowing her boyfriend's semen. Because of the damaged intestine, the seed entered the reproductive organs.

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