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16 homemade sex toys for men and women

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Your vibrator just broke when you were in such a mood or simply don't have the budget to buy sex toys without knowing it, you have more sex toys in your home than you think. Want to make it just a little more exciting or get kinky? check out this list with "sex toys" you can find everywhere at home.

#1 Clothespins

You probably have some clothespins in your home. Try placing these on your nipples to feel what effect this has on you. One step further place some pegs on your skin around your breast.

In addition to your nipples and breasts, you can also place pegs on your scrotum or labia. We think you probably know a few more spots

#2 Ice cubes

Your skin is very sensitive to temperature changes so get going with ice cubes. Tease your partner with ice cubes on the nipples, breast, neck and belly or vagina. Nerves are stimulated and touch afterwards will be even more sensitive. Be careful when inserting ice cubes into the vagina or anus, and never engage directly with ice cubes that have just come out of the freezer. (Think of the example of a tongue stuck to a lamppost)

Side benefit, a woman comes easier when it is wet between her legs.

#3 Wooden spoon

You find spanking exciting from time to time or you want to experiment with it but no whip, available then the wooden spoon from the kitchen drawer can be the solution.

By the way, did you know that 7% of women and 10% of men regularly fantasize about spanking?

#4 Nylon stockings

Always wanted to tie up your lover or be tied up yourself but no cuffs or bondage rope in the house. Pull out your drawer of stockings. Stockings are perfect for securing wrists and ankles. Don't use your newest set of stockings of course

#5 Tie

Like stockings an ideal tool for tying someone up. In addition, you can use a tie well as a blindfold. Ideal if you do not want to reveal to your partner what your naughty plans are.

#6 hairbrush

not the brush itself but the handle of the brush is the ideal replacement for the dildo and probably found in every home. A condom because of hygiene around the handle is recommended. In addition, the hair brush is also a good replacement for our number 3 in the list. a Pink or Red ass guaranteed!!!!

#7 Cell phone

There are more cell phones in the world than people, so chances are you own one. The ideal thing about the cell phone is the vibrating function. The replacement for the vibrator. Did you know that there are many apps available in the app store and others to turn your cell phone into a vibrator. Afraid your phone will get dirty. Put your phone in a washcloth or sock! Or just keep your panties on when using your phone as a vibrator.

Also exciting is to have your partner call you to vibrate your phone.

Another way to use your phone is to engage in sexting with your lover. Send each other exciting photos or messages. Keep in mind that your photos can be shared with people you would rather not see.

Read our blog 5 tips how to sexting safely.

#8 The shower head

Probably familiar to most women. An orgasm thanks to the jets from the shower head. When you have a shower where you can take off the shower head, the warm jets squirting against the clit are just about a guarantee for orgasm.

#9 Belt

Using your belt to tie your partner's hands or ankles together is the way to go when you don't have bondage toys in the house.

In addition, if you want to go more extreme, you can use the belt for a hard spanking. Beware of stretch marks that may be visible for a longer period of time.

#10 Candle

Sex toys a house or not? candles can be a fun addition to your sex game. You really don't have to be a BDSM enthusiast to play this game. Like ice cubes, candle wax will stimulate the nerves and make them more sensitive to touch afterward. Be careful should you get going with candles that you do not use candles made of beeswax. This is because beeswax has a very high melting temperature.

#11 Fruit & vegetables

Cucumbers, carrots, bananas and eggplant are the substitutes for a dildo. If you decide to use one of these as a dildo substitute always use a condom!!!! Not only because of hygiene but also because of the possibility that these can break. You won't be the first in the ER with something left behind after having sex with an object not intended as a sex toy.

just read this article about things that left behind......

#12 Make-up brush

For those who like soft and tender the make up breasts is an invention. Indulge your partner by gently going over his body with the make up brush. Certainly the erotic parts of your body will respond to this.

#13 Pearl Necklace

Roll the pearl necklace gently over your partner's back for a pleasant massage. Much more exciting is to wrap the necklace around your husband's penis and use gentle strokes to jerk your husband off. Women can run the pearls over the clit for a pleasurable experience. Note: Do not use pearl necklace for penetration. Pearl chains break easily and to have to explain to the doctor why you poop pearls ..............

#14 Electric toothbrush

Why have a vibrator when you have an electric toothbrush at home. The stroking vibrations are similar to that of a vibrator.

Make sure you have some inexpensive brushes at home because regular replacement is recommended for hygiene reasons.

#15 chop sticks and rubber bands

In case you do not have clothespins at home but long for pressure on your nipples but you have chop sticks and 2 rubber bands in the house, this is the solution. lay out the chop sticks and fasten them together with the rubber bands. The chop sticks become a clamp which you can put on your nipples. The advantage is that you can control the strength of the clamp with the rubber bands. Tip: When you place it on your clit it will be exposed. Touching your clit with a vibrator or toothbrush then will result in a very intense experience

#16 whipped cream

Should you have whipped cream in the house spray this on body parts where you would like to feel your partner's mouth. Not only whipped cream but also chocolate sauce, honey, jam or syrup is good for this.

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