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12 Sex myths you thought were facts

Our parents told us and we tell our children again. But are all the facts about sex true or have we taken them as true?

Some of these fake news sex facts have been told so many times that almost everyone believes them.

Therefore, in this blog post 12 sex facts Which we took a closer look at.

#1 The Internet is a good example of how sex should be?

Is sex on the Internet really how it works in practice. The internet generation has the wrong example in this regard. Facials, anal, deep throat and much more which is normal on the internet is not obvious. Many websites want to keep you on their website for as long as possible. To achieve this, they always go the extra mile with what they show you. Interested in seeing how the Internet works? The docu on Netflix "Do not f*ck with the cat" gives a good picture of how websites try to keep you online longer.

So much of what you see falls outside "normal" sex. Always respect when your partner says NO!!!!!!

#2 Sexually transmitted diseases is for who sleeps around?

Let's start by saying that you can't tell from someone if they have STD.

Having said this also know that you can catch diseases with anal and oral sex.

Fact: The survey found that over 32 percent of women and 41 percent of men had lied about their number of sexual partners.

Even if you are sure of your past always do it safely with a new partner. STD do not directly indicate symptoms. If you want to have unsafe sex do a test!

#3 Allergy to condoms?

The chance of your bed partner being allergic to condoms (latex allergy) is 1 in 1000, The chance of being shot is three times higher. Fortunately for those who are truly allergic to condoms there are latex free condoms.

#4 If he 'pulls out' when he comes (ejaculates), she can't get pregnant.

This myth often goes around among young people. The pre-cum that men produce does contain sperm and the "pulse out" method is 100% not safe.

22 out of 100 women who are pregnant, so more than 1 in 5, used this method as contraception.

#5 From oral sex you can't get STD?

For a long time, oral sex was thought to be relatively safe. But so these STDs can be transmitted through oral sex: Chlamydia, herpes, HPV, Hepatitis A,B,C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and HIV.

In addition, an HPV infection increases the risk of throat cancer. Thus, oral sex must also be done safely if you have not been both tested.

#6 Sex to lose weight is not a good choice.

Substitute an evening at the gym for good sex? Sounds good but not if you do this as a replacement for. 30 min of sex burns 85 to 150 calories while half an hour of exercise will quickly make you burn threefold.

#7 Oysters makes you horny

In our article "foodgasm", you can already find out a lot about what foods are and are not lust enhancing. One of the most well-known myths, Oysters are aphrodisiacs. NOT! Chances are that the environment, the moment and with whom you eat oysters can increase the desire for sex but the oyster itself has no effect whatsoever.

#8 Men think about sex less often that is said.

That men think about sex every 7 seconds is really not true. Both men and women think about sex about 19 times a day. According to studies, this is about the same level as we think about food. (18 times a day)

#9 Women always cum upon penetration.

This myth brings us a little closer to our #1 in this list. The Internet misrepresents. The fact is that not and all women cum through penetration and that just about 1 in 3 women actually cum during penetration. Read the article on 11 ways a woman can cum........ This contains more facts about the female orgasm.

#10 Having sex can cause a pregnant woman to go into labor.

Sex to induce labor is even something medical professionals suggested their patients. However, studies show that the average pregnancy lasts equally long with or without sex during the last 3 weeks of pregnancy.

#11 Major power outages, storms and pandemics like covid create a baby boom.

Generation Covid? Pandemies and other factors such as blizzards do not cause nine months more babies to be born. Indeed, the covid has even led to more divorces. The idea of having romantic sex in front of the wood stove during a storm where the power goes out is really a romantic image which would not happen quickly in reality

#12 A much younger partner leads to more and better sex?

A "suger daddy" or "Cougar" does not mean that the sex is immediately better or that there is much more sex. Studies show that it is often far from ideal even with a greater age difference. One reason is that these relationships often have to take place in secret and this comes at the expense of romantic and sex. In addition, studies show that the average income of married couples with a greater age difference is lower which in turn can lead to additional tensions.

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