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11 weird sex laws in the world

Before you leave for one of these countries, it might be useful to know these laws. Because you don't want to extend your vacation by staying at the Bangkok Hilton (nickname for the infamous prison in Bangkok)

The following list shows how strange the world is when it comes to the laws and regulations on sex.

Strange laws about Sex

#1 Masturbating in Indonesia can be deadly!

If you are leaving for Indonesia soon and the need for an orgasm is high, then consider this: Masturbation is punishable by death in Indonesia.

So before you start playing with yourself, think carefully.

#2 USA, traveling through different states has risks

When you travel through different states in America you have to take into account different laws in the different states.

In Florida, New York and Utah you better not get an erection in public because it is illegal here to see an erection through the pants.

If you travel to Alabama, leave your sextoys at home. They are prohibited in this state.

When you like kissing then pay attention in Iowa. Your passionate kiss may not last longer than 5 minutes and if you smell from your mouth during sex in Minnesota you are required to brush your teeth.

If you order toys for in bed in Arizona, keep in mind that you can't have more than 2 dildos in your possession in this state.

The most absurd rule can be found in Wisconsin. Here a man is not allowed to discharge a firearm during the orgasm of his bed partner.

#3 Don't be naked in Your Hotel Room in China

Walk naked in your hotel room? This can be wonderful, but as a woman, keep in mind that this is forbidden in China. Here as a woman you are not allowed to walk naked in your hotel room (except for the bathroom). So if you need to be in china soon bring pajamas.

#4 Sex with animals

Banned in a lot of countries, but if you are a lover of this pay attention in Lebanon. Here it is permitted by law to have sex with animals. However, only with female animals. If you share the bed with the male animal you risk the death penalty in this country.

#5 Knowing how your bed partner performs before you're married.

On Guam, an island in micronesia (incidentally, the island belongs to america) it is forbidden by law to marry as a virgin. The advantage is that you at least know how your current partner performs in bed before you say yes.

#6 Sex with dogs in Thailand?

Sex with animals is prohibited in Thailand but if you are caught having sex with a dog the fine is many times higher if the dog is also excided.

#7 Divine sex in Birmingham, England.

Anyone who decides to have sex on the steps of a church in England and specifically in Birmingham must do so in daylight. It is forbidden to have sex on the steps of a church after sunset.

#8 Cheating in Hong Kong is not without risks.

If you are a man, cheating in Hong Kong be aware that it is allowed for women to kill their cheating husband. This may only be done with bare hands. If it is not done with bare hands, it is premeditated and you still go to jail. Special is that the mistress may also be murdered but the law states that this not have be done with bare hands.

#9 Hoping for a beautiful mother-in-law in Colombia

The first wedding night in Colombia is something you probably won't soon forget. This is because it is mandatory for the mother to watch this night during the act.

Funny sex facts around the world

#10 Game of chess?

In Estonia, it is forbidden to take out your chessboard during sex.

So if you get bored during sex postpone that game of chess for a while

#11 A wet dream for some but not in Bolivia

For some men a dream, and shown in many a porn movie is to have (step) mother and daughter in bed at the same time. Not so in Bolivia. Here a threesome with (step) mother and daughter is forbidden by law.

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